• The Momo SellerCreative

    "Tujhse Naaraaz Nahiin Zindagi
    Hairaan Hoon Main
    O Hairaan Huun Main"

    Angelina was on repeat mode with the lyrics of the old Hindi song which landed up on her mobile music collection. It was courtesy an aspiring musician friend recorded in her own voice through whatsapp. Her lovely voice added more meaning to brilliantly written words by gifted Gulzar sir, so apt they are.

    Every time Angelina heard about any narration of incidents by her chirpy friends she would go back to the same old question. Often in the silence of the gloomy nights, she would wonder, why is life so designed? What could be the probable reason? What is the motive, the end? Is it a play, a game, a nothing or whatever?

    Angelina mostly felt she was too fortunate to be bombarded with such profuse and assorted life experiences. The noteworthy part was the number of interesting incidents was huge enough to allow this witty lady with a penchant for words to pen down at least a couple of books.

    This time what caught her thinking was the Momo seller. 'Innocent' was the word which described the lad. Though usually she was the last one to barge into anyone's privacy yet her inquisitiveness pushed to ask the boy a few questions as soothingly as possible.

    "Hey, you are from which place?"

    "Darljeeling" came the reply.

    After taking the plate of momos she again asked, "What's your name?"

    "Shryeyas" the reluctant being was glad to share this.

    Angelina: "So you around with your family?"

    Shreyas : "No, with a bunch of friends"

    Probably he was just a cook hired by a fast food entrepreneur.Hardly having crossed fifteen he was here to prepare and sell moms to earn his livelihood. A strange feeling of empathy made her quite uncomfortable. However, the feeling was momentary. The awareness that life abounds with such instances stopped her from dwelling upon it and being sad. All such incidents could do to her was to strengthen her resolve to be in a position to bring about a positive change in the life of at least a few.

    As she shared her feedback," the momos were awesome.", there was a wide smile on the guy's face. A silent prayer to keep the transitory smile on his face permanent was all she could do.

    Having understood life a little better, she felt…
    It's fun, it cons
    It shines, it donned various forms.
    It's awesome, awful, amazing, astonishing, a little weird at times.
    Each one of us choose to have our own unique blend of the various available ingredients to form a matchless recipe spiced up, decked up, to amaze us. Life is indeed intriguing!

  • The Enigmatic Ego #Enigma #egoCreative

    The EGO, it is ubiquitous. However, by the nature's mercy, it is not at identically high levels for all.

    Personally, I strongly believe that a certain minimum dose of it is exceedingly healthy and thus recommended. To protect self respect, to maintain self esteem, a tiny level of it is mandatory. Imagine the curious case of an adolescent child performing poorly in his grades. He fails to acknowledge his ego and starts working towards upholding the disappointing performance. He may shamelessly be happy being dim witted merely due to lack of effort. He may grin away his plight due to absence of ego or lack of a sense of individual dignity.

    Nevertheless, in most cases I would say, "Let the ego go." It is the source of conflict in most relationships either professional or personal. The bosses' ego to a large extent determines if the subordinate's professional journey would be a cool one or not, whether the executive would dread a Monday or welcome it .Just imagine the how powerful the ego could be. The precious little life endowed by the Almighty could be made to suffer under its influence.

    There are umpteen instances of ego being glorified resulting in personal relationship going awry. The irony is the bearer of the ego swells with pride, while it is such a pain to be endured by the spectators especially the involved party. Ego is among the prominent factors which determine whether the bond is going to be fabulous or a failed one. The benchmark level often gets breached. Wish there was a weighing balance like the one available at the malls /grocers where one could weigh one's ego.

    However, like most human traits maintaining the delicate balance can be a daunting task. Usually it is observed one who is holding one's ego rather too tightly, puts on the amnesia cap courtesy which he/she fails to realise that he is indulging himself/herself into such behavior which he/she may detest as an audience. She/he is too happy to find the other one being accommodative under the garb of love, concern or any other hypocritical emotion which suits him. As is normally expected the expectation from the compromising party keep scaling higher heights. The instance of a henpecked husband is a classic case of such compromise. Out of love the doting husband tries to please the partner, just to realise that fulfillment of one desire of hers is replaced with another demand. Similar can be the case of a wife, a relative and very rarely in friendship. The journey continues till one fine day when the compromising party under the pressure of the dominating ego revolts .It occurs when the suffocation can tear him/her down. A pressure cooker situation it is. Either the air finds a vent out or it can lead to a burn out or explosion.

    The solution is, don't get your fingers burnt and take cognizance and precaution when little sparks emerge. Take cue from experiences of others. Educate yourself for enlightenment. Knowledge is the tool which can empower you with self awareness. Once you are self aware you understand your ego too, thereby you can pull your reins to tame it. Instead of allowing the ego to turn into an ogre, tame it to be a productive robot in possession of a benevolent master.

  • Magic is so commonplace :) Creative

    It is magic,
    when bearing enormous pain is not considered tragic.
    Isn't it illogical?
    Though physiological, it is actually psychological
    And a way bit special :)

    Urvashi was a software professional. It was weekend and thus she was too occupied in watching a romantic movie on her favourite channel when she suddenly felt pukish. She rushed to the wash basin and regurgitated the morning breakfast, which she had relished so much. Yet, she was smiling, she was happy. Strange? Not at all!

    After just a year of marriage with her most adorable partner she was just awaiting this moment. Probably because they had a late marriage and she with her amazing group of friends had come to a consensus that ideal age of having a baby is between 21-28.Nevertheless she had decided she should have one before she crossed 30 and in her 29th year she was all set for the center stage, the center stage of motherhood. Normally any form of pain is abhorrent, any pricking is objectionable. The thought of visiting a hospital is annoying. But all these premises hold no ground when one experiences this unique euphoria.

    The meticulous lady planned her maternity leave and managed to be at home after the 8th month. She wanted to bask in the glory of 'would be motherhood'. In a month's time the tiny bundle of joy was expected to pop-out from within her own anatomy to be a lifetime of joy. Hoping for such ecstasy she bore all the pain which seemed to be sweet then.

    The ultrasound and other mandatory tests, the numerous sessions of listening to the baby's heartbeat as if a concert by Michael Jackson, all these were moments of profound joy. However till the assigned date there were no signs of it coming out in a jiffy. The couple visited the gynecologist for consultation. Another ultrasound was prescribed. The baby was in breech position (leg first instead of head first)therefore, a C-section was suggested. Next day whenever the doctor was available the operation was scheduled.

    A very tiny cut in the finger due to careless vegetable chopping once in a blue moon used to result in tears rolling down her cheeks. On the 8th of March 2014, she was all set to go under the knife quite gladly. Thanks to the epidural injection, she was ready to face it with her eyes open. Isn't it magic?

    In the sophisticated medical premises of Fortis Hospital, New Delhi, a little cutie pie breathed her first on earth exactly at 8.03 in the morning. Already, the foundation of her being special was laid. She was born at 8-3 on 8-3, that is the women's day. She was the cynosure of all eyes for some time, in fact for all times to come, in the family. It was the onset of a magical feeling for Urvashi. The birth of the baby called 'Lavina' encrypted her mother's future defying the rules of nature. Future is said to be unknown, but she felt that the arrival of Lavina ensured that in some corner of her heart she is going to be happy eternally. Nobody would ever be able to take away this happiness of having a pink cuddly bundle that would be cuddled for all times to come.

  • Nature's Charisma #Nature #Charisma #Creative #PanchbhutaCreative

    Shivangi had a cozy little balcony. Though not aesthetically appealing that was a corner for venting out her creative brilliance. The best feature of this open corner of her abode was that it offered her, an access to the nature. Thus it kept seducing her every now and then.

    That Thursday afternoon was a regular one. Her assignments were on. In fact the mentally grueling freelancing articles which required research on unexciting health topics were straining her artistic bent of mind. Thus it was time for sipping some hot tea, when she suddenly heard the thundering. As winter was receding there was no expectation of rains. However, it felt as if Rain God was in a mood to have some adventure. Yes! You guessed it right, it had started raining. The most active participants in this adventure show were the trees. The flutter of their branches, the motion of their leaves,as if calling everyone to break the monotony of life and enjoy the experience. The combination of various hues of green and the specs of yellow was a picturesque treat. Their swaying was nothing less than a salsa move. Each tree seemed to have participated in the dancing contest but probably with intent to have fun rather than compete. The accompanied earthy smell usually turns on almost all mortals probably because life is believed to be integration of 'panchbhuta', Earth or Prithvi; Water or Jal ; Fire or Agni; Air or Vayu and then Ether or Akasha.

    Shivangi concluded, if one loves nature, one can save the touring expenditure. Though crazy to explore the world, she had no clue that she could derive such an out of the world experience without moving an inch from her current location. Amazing isn't! Spellbound, she was. However as the show must go on, the rain took leave as suddenly as it appeared. The exit of the wild card entrant indicated that she must get back to work. The charisma of nature had reinvigorated her entire self and she was all set to make some quick bucks with her enhanced efforts.

  • Eulogy of an online friend #Friend #online #eulogyCreative

    Sometimes we make resolutions subconsciously,the decision how we would act or let's say react is almost predetermined.But then sometimes, we go by what is called the hunch or the sixth sense, which guides us through the unknown, mostly leads us to something wonderful.

    Pragyan, our leading lady, while sipping her morning cup of coffee, as usual logs into her facebook account.She finds a little '1' peeping out of the silhouette of a couple, on her homepage indicating she has yet another friend request from an unknown guy.Usually if there is no mutual friend,she tends to ignore.But this time, it was a little different. She was inclined to get into the person's profile maybe because she quite didn't detest the profile picture. A macho but cute looking guy sitting on an ordinary chair near a heap of stones & chips, near a small hut shop, to enjoy the yummy hot pakodas while sipping his tea. What made the picture special is, the described setting was in the lap of a lovely mountain. The gleam of his eyes was reflecting that he was so elated to be there and more so because of the food, probably he was starving which usually happens, when you are on an adventurous trip.

    She goes through the details rather inattentively to finally come across some beautiful lines penned by himon an old status update of his and that, struck the chord. She loved those lines and accepted the friend request. He was Siddharth(Sid). The young fresh minds are in a constant state of competition. In addition to the heavy competition with their peer group, the excessive adrenalin gushing tempts them to contest with themselves perpetually, which is the source of innovations and inventions.Thus, Pragyan was bound to be impressed.

    The new friendship was adorned with the usual rounds of mutual appreciation.This is such an adorable phase,normally innate to the novelty of the situation. More often than not, it fades, as time passes by, as the novelty erases, the enigmatic feeling evades. Wonder why? However, if it doesn't then, there is reason for celebration, as that implies that one has stumbled upon a gem of a person, either true love or a worthy friend!The importance of both, friendship and love is so widely acclaimed that it need not be reiterated.

    She was thus, so very delighted to have got a new 'real' friend via the internet. This reestablished the fact that she is moving with the times, she is flexible and more significantly, she is occasionally lucky too.What more could she have asked for, especially when she was experiencing the worst 'slump' of her life.Indeed she was in a miserable state of affairs.She had just lost her parents in a road accident. Nothing could have been worse, so here appeared the angel sent by the omniscient, to pep her up every now and then. She had not shared the stale cake; just the topping was shown to Sid. He was the multi-talented junior friend, the perpetual motivator, who was the panacea of her life, at the moment. Though as a human, one is quite aware of ones strengths and weaknesses, more so after having crossed the dirty thirty, almost around half the average Indian life expectancy, yet the acknowledgement of that strength by another impartial entity allows deeper introspection and gives wings to one's imagination. Yes, it was he who reinvigorated Pragyan to write, which gradually turned her into a successful online blogger.She held Sid with highest admiration and that would remain the case forever. Salutations to the,'online genius comrade' whose unflinching trust and refreshing presence had created the magic!

  • The ObserverCreative

    It was a cloudy day…raining intermittently. The heavy pouring was enticing. The thundering was scary yet welcoming as if an proclamation of a change, a big change in the life of Saanidhya who was silently watching the journey of the droplets from the edge of the ledge to the ground. How beautifully the droplets were losing their existence to form circular patterns appearing as water rangolis.

    Yes, the signs, the developments in his life were all silently whispering into his ears in a soft yet clear manner that the destined time is arriving. His intuitive being was scintillating with the hope of gracing some undefined crowning glory. In the beginning of the year, there was a deliberate effort of trying to do something big. He and Sikha, his bestie, had mutually decided to write one page every day...of their dream book with the idea of publishing it and of course with the intent of garnering the limelight. They had hoped to complete it by the end of the year, considering the various odd days which were obvious to break any resolve. However like all New Year resolutions this one also faced the obvious fate. Their writing had come to a standstill altogether. But that rainy night when all were lost into deep slumber, Saanidhya was ready to take reins of his desires. He was stirred to write, not with the hope of achieving any award rather just to express all he always wanted to. It was as if a calling from within, as if he was just supposed to hold the pen and the words would flow in, the way the fingers caress the silky tresses of the beloved. He felt as if the story was already written, all he was required to do was give it a beautiful form through letters. The act seemed effortless like a warm knife glides through the tough slab of butter…to create a delectable flavor.

    Saanidhya had realized that he is an observation writer. He could find captivating stories in the various recesses of human encounter which otherwise seemed so trivial. The charisma lied in his gripping style. The numerous train journeys with his friends served as the repository from which he was only required to pick instances and pen down.

    The careless beauty lost in the overcrowded train convinced him that the almighty has surely gifted all with something special, just the social and economic milieu one is born in and influenced by, is the guiding factor in determining if one would bask in fame or otherwise. Though surely the instances of 'rags to riches' or 'rising from the ashes' do exist but those are pretty rare in number or we may claim, proportionately minuscule. The moon is a celestial body with a stagnant form, yet it's the exposure of light on its surface which determines if it would be considered an epitome of beauty or a glaring example of disappointment and sometimes negative energy. It can be the 'Chaudvi ka Chand' (Moon on the eve of full moon night) or the 'Amavasya ki Raat' (No moon night) respectively.

    He was amazed at the dexterity of the fair broad Punjabi lady, who latently commanded the tag of 'Singhini'(Lioness) who managed to make space not only for her heavy luggage but also her pleasantly heavy disposition by climbing to the upper berth without really bothering most in the packed general compartment. Undoubtedly, such skill was acquired due to frequent travel, yet it was worth appreciating especially when examined in the context of the modern dames who can throw real tantrums if expected to shift from luxury to comfort occasionally.

    To add to the moment of astonishment was the not so sweet voice of an aged lady. Saanidhya was literally awestruck to discover the elderly female with protruding jaws, few lost teeths and no specs of make-up whosoever, gleefully dancing to the devotional songs as if she was actually connected to Krishna. 'Tum Bansi Bajate Ho, Tum Radha Ko Bulate Ho' meaning 'You(Krishna) play the flute to gain the attention of your beloved (Radha)'.These lyrics kept reverberating occasionally in Saanidhya's subconscious until one day he attributed a page of his novel to it.

    Thus, the talented discerner of nature and observer of human behavior was able to create a magical collection of around 250-260 pages in just a couple of months. The anthology of various occurrences, some interesting, some intriguing and some merely humourous gave rise to a concoction of mesmerizing episodes which one would love to glide through. Thus, the centre stage was all set for the mediocre commerce graduate brat who struggled to manage just the passing grades. His book, 'The Travel Tales' was indeed a best seller. When Saanidhya was interviewed by a leading daily newspaper and enquired, what was his success mantra? He humbly answered, 'I guess I simply know how to rewrite the stories which are already being enacted by the participants of the Almighty's generous opera'.

  • Tips to be a Successful Affiliate MarketerTechnology

    In India, 90's is usually referred to as the era of romantic movies and Shahrukh Khan. However, another important fact about 90's is, it gifted the world the all encompassing technology called the World Wide Web. The numerous websites flocked by people from all across the globe got the business enterprises thinking.They were smart enough to explore a new online possibility to sell their product/services to consumers i.e., through affiliate marketers.

    Presently, Affiliate marketing has been established as an outstanding technique to earn money online, however it is extremely competitive. Thus, if you wish to be successful at it, you must adopt a clear and planned approach as mentioned below :

    1. Restrict Your Number

    The most common blunder affiliate marketers make is registering with too many affiliate programs. Managing affiliate marketing for several clients may be demanding and lead you into a clutter. You won't be able to promote any product properly. Thus through thorough market research you must choose few good products which you can successfully promote. Products correlated with the theme of your site shall allow better promotion.

    2. Understand the Market Demand

    Before choosing a product,researching and analysis regarding the demand of the product in the market is mandatory. For example, an online survey may be conducted on your site to understand if the product is useful or not. Using your resources to sell a product which is not required or preferred can be futile. It is advisable to stick to the products which cater to the needs of the audience.

    3. Choose the Company Judiciously

    As a product is not independent of the company or individual assoicaited with it, hence it is necessary to assess their aunthenticity and intentions. While you dive into affiliate marketing you want to cash-in the healthy relationship which you have established with your visitors. When you flash a promo of a product it implies that you are recommending the same. And if the visitors are responding to your advice and are benefitted the rapport is strengthened.However, if they are dissatisfied, it will be treated as breach of trust. They would not only shun the bad product but also abandon your site. Promoting the product of fraudulent partners can be very harmful and no way gainful in the long run.

    4. Use Several Traffic Sources

    Normally affiliate marketers post the ads only on their own sites. Though that is the strongest base yet so many other sources of traffic can be tapped for the simultaneous promotion of the products which is important.Higher the targeted traffic to the sales page, better would be your earning potential. For instance, you can use Google Adwords to create an ad using your adwords account while using the affiliate link in the ad's target page URL.

    5. Evaluate Your Affiliate Campaign

    In addition to adopting different product promotion strategies, the critical evaluation of of these strategies is necessary. Based on their performance assessed using cost and benefit analysis you can stick to right ones.

    Generally affiliate programs provide some basic statistics, e.g. Google's Analytics tool. However, it is recommended to use your own conversion tracking software as well. You may choose from the widely available useful softwares.

    6. Remain Updated

    In order to be successful affiliate marketers many helpful tools are easily available which can be effectively used such as Google webmaster, Portent's preview tool and many more. If you don't, your competitors definitely will take the advantages of these tools and stay ahead.

    Moreover, there can be innovation and technology advancement. Staying updated with such changes is absolutely required as affiliate marketing is highly competitive. Awareness and utilization of new techniques and market trends can fetch you great results.

    In a technology driven medium, pleasing the stars may not yield results. Your calculated approach can do wonders to allure the visitors to buy through your platform/website. Once you get it right, traffic is sure to pour in for your client as well as the money into your kitty.

  • State Capital Region : Can it replicate the success story of National Capital Region?Real Estate

    The foundation stone for the creation of a State Capital Region (SCR) for Orissa has been laid; with the commencement of a preliminary meeting on 6th August 2014.The aim is to create Odisha Capital Region Development Authority (OCRDA) through the merger of Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA), Cuttack Development Authority (CDA) and Puri-Konark Development Authority (PKDA)

    This synergy is undoubtedly expected to yield sprawling benefits for the region through a) absorption of economic development impulse of Bhubaneswar b) rational land allotment pattern c) social and physical infrastructure development, where Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a trend. This is in line with the comprehensive development plan for Bhubaneswar suggested by IIT-Kharagpur. An influx of Rs. 30,000 crores on infrastructure for the region is projected when population would cross 30 lakhs.

    The National Capital Region Planning Board formed in 1985 seems to be the role model.The success story of this amalgamated region is self-explanatory as the region has been ever expanding. Currently NCR comprises 21 cities. In July 2013 three districts (Bhiwani, Mahendragarh and Bharatpur) merged in NCR to the previously existing 15 districts of U.P, Haryana, and Rajasthan and National Capital Territory of Delhi, along with the Nation Capital. Yet again, in January 2014, NCR was stretched to include two more districts of Haryana namely, Jind and Karnal.

    On an optimistic note,a similar growth trajectory may be predicted for the OdishaSCR with Bhubaneswar at its core. This initiative would lead to a balanced and harmonized sustainable development of the region. Consequently, upgradation in quality of life would occur due to increased disposable income as a result of better job scenario in the wake of the development programs. Under such circumstances, the realty sector definitely has cause for jubilation as this is bound to surge the demand for comfortable housing.

  • The paradox of the enlightened Indian female #Paradox #enlightened #Indian #femaleSocial Issues

    Late at night, Sonali receives a call from her newlywed younger friend Subhani. Surprised Sonali, was offered a low traumatic toneby this vivacious girl. "Why such dismay?" enquired Sonali and out gushes Subhani, all her pent up emotions.

    The petite young educated lady had just landed up on a plump job, when her doting father decided that she had earned herself an eligible life partner and it's time for her to go. Least did she realize that she gave up her magical wand of independence by sacrificing her job due to relocation, just to be replaced as a bundle of huge expectations. Caution, it's emphatically huge as being literate she is supposed to be a more qualified and efficient homemaker.Having done that if she is still left with any vitality she can try for a lucrative job. Of course, it has to be a lucrative one; else what is the need of giving up the mundane chores so suited for a peaceful family life.

    Disillusioned Subhani was on the verge of a psychological depression, when quite oftenshe was forced to realize the breathtaking beauty and her towering personality, for which the handsome hunks used to die for, is not good enough to appease the demands of an average looking average salaried guy who could boast of a 'paunch' and about to be tagged as 'bald', probably in a couple years to go.

    "Instead of being dragged into the darkness forever, it's wise to struggle and reach out for the light at the right time" advices the intellectual pal, Sonali, who after having a rough brush with the tribulations of life has dawned upon the fact; it (such compromising situation) is a quagmire and its best to get out of it as swiftly as possible.

    The emphasis is on the agony of the enlightened married Indian female, who during her knowledge acquiring sessions was emphatically taught, that any form of exploitation is not be tolerated. "A passive tormented being, is worse than the tormentor". Little did she realize that exceptions are to be excluded. The Indian socio-cultural scenario is conspicuous exception to the same.

    On the contrary the illiterate ones are better off. By illiterate we are referring to the uninformed, ignorant, not progressive ladies. They are the ones who dare not gratify themselves in pouring rain nor remain dry enjoying the beautiful rain from a distance. The half-witted, who venture when it's drizzling. They are designed to accept the chauvinistic Indian male (most of them, even the literate ones) as the demigod. They quietly get adjusted to satisfy the ubiquitous male ego to carve a niche at projecting their home as the most ideal one, no matter whatever is the underlying situation.

    The progressive pitiable female is caught in the web of the hitherto acceptable doctrine of gender equality. The Indian patriarchal society entangles her in a dilemma of either learning from the uninformed, how to be effective at the art of leading a pompous, hypocritical way of living or she should be ready to gulp down the bitter pill. The irony of the situation is, they mostly end up being trained by the untrained and ignorant ones, as the sphere of influence lies with the latter, they forming the larger group. Majority rules and inspires too. What a paradox!!!!!

  • Konark-The Tourists' delightTravel

    The noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore has described Konark as the place where ‘the language of stone surpasses the language of man'. Just a glance at this ancient structure proves that each word of the great poet is indeed true!

    If you are an ardent fan of nature, architecture and art, then visit to the Sun Temple should surely be in your itinerary whenever you are in the eastern coastal state of Odisha. The mesmerizing depiction of the geometrical geniuses,the ecstatic illustrations on stone ranging from marvels of nature to the erotic mudras to the description of the early culture and society is awe-inspiring.A glaring testimony of the state’s rich ancient culture,Konark is just 64 kms from the capital city Bhubaneswar.You may also plan the trip to the location from Puri as it is just of 33 kms away.

    Literally the name Konark has been derived from the words ‘Kona’ and ‘Arka’ where Kona stands for ‘corner’ while Arka refers to the ‘sun’.Built by King Narasimha Deva in the thirteenth century, it is designed as a gigantic chariot of Sun God,Surya, the vehicle through which He travelled across the universe. The European sailors referred to this as the ‘Black Pagoda’ owing to its dark colour (Pagoda refers to pyramid like religious structure).It served as a navigational landmark as it was right on the shore,however, the ocean has receded about a couple of kilometres at present.

    Though Konark’s architecture and design are its’ show-stealer yet its significance lies beyond that in the harmonious fusion of cultures.On one hand the concept of Sun God riding a chariot has Aryan origin, on the other hand, the Sun God’s image wearing boots indicate the Babylonian influence.The two principal features of the temple complex are the now collapsed main tower which then stood at 227 feet in height while the Jagamohana (porch) measured 120 feet. Both the grand tower and porch are built on high platforms, embellished with 24 massive chariot wheels exquisitely carved out of the stone. The segregated natamandira (hall of dance),in the frontage of the temple, form the third major feature of the edifice. Of the 22 subsidiary temples, just two remnant exist, the Vaishnava Temple and the Mayadevi Temple. Enormous structure of royal elephants and royal horses enshrine both sides of the main temple with the same splendour. The northern, western, and southern facades of the religious tower adorn three idols of the Lord Surya.These huge images majestically carved in metal like shining green chlorite stone stand out marvellously in contrast to the soft weathered khondalite of the rest of the construction.

    King Narasimhadeva shall always be lauded as the preserver of an interesting tale of the social, religious and military aspects of his thirteenth century majestic world, the differentiating factor being,the story has been wonderfully depicted in the form of stone carvings whose unsurpassed beauty and grace leave people spellbound. Though there are various legends weaved around the cause of erecting such a magnificient structure yet the true reason remains a mystery.However, it has been established that revenues of 12 years of the kingdom were spent to create the architechture.

    Flaunting the picturesque Chandrabhaga Beach, one among the most exotic beaches in Odisha (Orissa)glorified with the surronding palms and casuarinas wins every heart visiting the place.So all you need to do is, pick up a cool digicam and of course a friend, liven up your mood, and land up in this coastal town either in the month of December or January as they are the best months to soak in the sun on the beach and relive a world which existed 800 years ago.